Frequently asked questions

You are pledging money charity to inspire the event to happen or goal to be met

Enter your pledge amount, and your payment information to complete the checkout process.

You will only be charged if the event happens or goal is met

Yes, that is part of what makes StriveThru special. If the event does not happen or goal Is not met, no one pays anything

StriveThru can’t advise on the tax deductibility of contributions made. Please talk with your tax advisor or legal counsel about what amount, if any, of a contribution if considered tax deductible.

If the event you have backed is successfully completed, we send 100% to the charity minus the fee that is deducted by our payments provider of 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.

Your pledge will not be made public

If you have pledged to a goal based campaign you will be notified whether the goal has been met. If you have pledged to an event based campaign you will be notified if the event is taking place

Charities pay StriveThru a fee to cover costs associated with content creation, marketing and the hosting of the event. StriveThru also generates revenue by distributing videos of the event (and associated content it produces) through ad funded video platforms.

You can change or cancel your pledge by emailing

30 days, but to request an extension you can email us at

Send us an email at so we can confirm your identity and introduce you to your StriveThru representative for further instructions.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.